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On April 3, I get to share a spotlight with friends (Charlie Gandy) and leaders of the California bike community and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom – to talk on how cyclists are earning significant political power in California cities.

Bicyclists are emerging as an important political group in urban California — check out the story on the Pedal Love website (

Comment and/or pass it on to other influential people you know in the bicycle, political or press/media world. And come to CicloSDias March 30th to show your support for open streets celebrations for us all.

Article can be found on the “pedal love” page and

In the past year, San Diegans have shown repeatedly that they want a city structure that makes neighborhoods walk and bike friendly. With the unanimous passing of DECO Bike Share (to implement throughout San Diego in 2014), the city’s first ever CicloSDias, a series of Bike Local Sundays, $200 million passed for SANDAG’s bicycle projects and the largest bicycle friendly Business Improvement District in the nation, all eyes are on what San Diego does next to continue being a leader in open streets and livable neighborhoods.

Livable Streets Coalition Mayoral Candidate Speaking Series

Mayoral candidates David Alvarez, Kevin Faulconer took time to share visions on bike/walk infrastructure and bringing San Diego up to world-class standards
More information is on Candidates Plans page

- The Coalition will be on board with one of the debates in January…stay tuned

 AAPC in SD, April 2-4: Special Session April 3rd 1-12:15pm

“The Next Election Cycle-By Bike!”

Bicyclists are emerging as an interest group worth targeting, this is the Velo Voter®

They are a bi-partisan, organized, social media oriented, politically motivated and growing crowd, especially among Millennials in all ethnic groups.  The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition boasts 12,000 members and is active in all local political races. Nationally, there are over 200 state and local bike advocacy organizations waiting to be activated by savvy candidates. 

This session will outline the cycling communities demographics, their key issues, and provide strategies to effectively engage them in the next election cycle. Presenters are campaign consulting professionals and bicycle lobby political leaders.

 * Special guest confirmed…

Feb 5:  I’ll was a guest on Digital Politics Radio - talking about a new ground campaign, by bike 12:30 – 1:00p (pst)


North Park Main Street Association – Festival of Arts May 17, 2014

Come to the Alternative Transportation section highlighting Bike Share and Car2Go


Bike Share is coming to SD,  we are in the midst of implementation strategy, for questions/comments/information email me:

- Visiting all 17 Business Improvement Districts over the next few weeks. This is for information sharing, updates, etc…


AMGEN, SD host City 2015? Send me your thoughts, comments, wishes: A Local Organizing Committee exploratory meeting. 

Thursday, February 20th
6 – 730pm
RSVP at for the location
2014 Route announced:


Challenged Athletes Foundation and Bill Walton!?

- Opportunities to have Bill as a keynote speaker will bring laughter, reflection and motivation. All proceeds go to the CAF. Contact me for more details.

NBC News about the CAF giving new hope:


 CicloSDias 2014 is in pre-planning, for more information go to:

- Here’s a hint: how do you get from PB -Ski Beach to La Jolla on March 30th?

- Route map click here

- other cities with open streets celebrations on the horizon (in no particular order): Escondido, La Mesa, Coronado, Chula Vista

Evaluation Report

CicloSDias 2013 Post Report:

The Bike Guy SD is the founding organizer for San Diego’s first ever open streets celebration – 5.2 miles of urban neighborhoods and car-free for six hours on a Sunday – came together with advocates, community members, business owners, community group approvals and over 10,000 participants to mark the occasion.

Our event, called CicloSDias, combined traditional street fair elements with vendors placed along the route, businesses open, zumba classes, farmers market and merchandise for sale plus cyclist, walkers, skateboarders, strollers moving at low rates of speed along the route during the clear blue sky day.

More information on CicloSDias page


 Green Lane project letter of intent is moving forward -


Click here for a preview: Bike Tours in San Diego!? More details coming soon. 


Where do all the TransNet dollars ($54 million+) go!?!?!?!?!? 

- As simple and brief as I can make it, click here for TransNet explained page


  • “The bike guy” on facebook has just as much information…if not more

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